The Highlands

The county of Chania is divided by the Lefka Ori mountains into two completely different natural landscapes. The coastal zone, with beaches 415 km long, is richer and more densely populated. The sparsely populated inner territory is one of the most authentic parts of Crete.

On most of its mountain tops, temperatures are below zero and from December to May they are covered with snow. On the mountain slopes there are many small traditional villages, forgotten by time, with their stone houses turned towards the sun, certainly interesting “green” destinations of Crete. Day after day, more and more wanderers try to explore them on foot, by jeep, horse or bicycle. The European Union promotes, with the programme “Leader”, sojourns at rustic tourists’ shelters. In places like Vamos, Milia, Keramia, Kasteli, Αskifou, Spilia, etc. it is possible for the tourist to enjoy the Cretan simple and natural life, to enjoy the Cretan diet with a glass of wine or tsikoudia, to take part in celebrations and to feel the roots of European civilisation. Hospitable shelters, establishments for spending your free time and shops with handmade carpets, fine jewellery, embroidery, traditional furniture, ceramics and home-made products (cheese, noodles, marmelades, etc.) of excellent quality guarantee an unforgettable stay.