Shelters & Climbing
Hospitable shelters, mounted like birds’ nests on mountain peaks, await mountain climbers and wanderers. Information can be obtained from local mountaineering clubs (Greek Mountaineering Club of Chania, 90 Tzanakaki str., open late evenings, tel. 28210 44647).  
Shelters on the Lefka Ori: Kalergi, Svourichti-Chouliopoulos, Volikas and Tavri.
Suggested routes for climbing:
1. Kalathas, climbing route next to sea at Akrotiri, about 30 routes with top rope crampons, there are routes from IV-VII on the difficulty scale.
2. Stavros, Akrotiri, 6 routes with crampons only at the rele’s, V-VII on the difficulty scale.
3. Gigilos, over Samaria, 15 routes, V-VII on the difficulty scale.
4. Therissos, over the gorge of Therissos, V-VIII on the difficulty scale.