E4 Path
The E4 path sets off at the Pyrenees, through the Alps and traverses the whole of Greece, reaching Kissamos in Crete. It then traverses Crete until Kato Zakros and ends in Cyprus. Walkers that follow the E4 have the chance, by walking on paths, climbing rocks and crossing wild gorges and forgotten residences, to discover hidden corners, to enjoy nature in all its grandeur and to experience traditions and customs alongside authentic people. The paths traverse almost the whole bulk of the mountain range and offer the most spectacular views.

Suggested routes of the E4 are:

1. Kasteli, Kissamos - Sfinari, 22.5 Km, 6.5 hours, Spring - Autumn

2. Sfinari - convent of Chrissoskalitissa, 32 Km, Spring - Autumn

3. Chrissoskalitissa - Paleochora, 22 Km, Spring-Autumn

4. Paleochora - Sougia, 14.5 Km, Spring - Autumn

5. Sougia - Agia Roumeli, 20 Km, April - September

6. Agia Roumeli - Loutro, 13 Km, all year round

7. Loutro - Fragokastelo, 19.5 Km, all year round

8. Sougia - Koustoyerako - Omalos, 24.5 Km, Spring - Autumn

9. Sougia - Gorge of St. Irene, 15 Km, May - September

10. Omalos - St. Roumeli, 18 Km, May - October