Cretan Flora & Fauna
The climate and the configuration of the land make the county of Chania a paradise for thousands of plants and animals. Lilys of the sea (pancratium maritimum), lavdano (lavdanum), cyclamen (cyclamen creticum), Cretan tulips (tulipa cretica), maple (acer creticus). The endemic and unique dittany (origanum dictamum), malotira (fideritis cretica) and matzourana (origanum maiorana), are medicinal boiling plants which are abundant.
On the plain of Omalos you can find stamnagathi (cihorium spinosum). Dried or freshly cut, these special medicinal herbs can be found in the Public Market or local shops. Over 1742 unique Cretan plants can also be found, 10% of which exist only in the county of Chania. The proud Cretan beast (capra aegagrus cretica) lives freely only in the Samaria Gorge. There and elsewhere, you can see Cretan eagles (aquila chrysaetos) and partridges (alectoris chukar). Ferrets, skunks, weasels, hares, hawks etc. can also be seen in open places. There is also an endeavour to protect an area on the north shores of the county especially for the turtles (caretta-caretta) that live there.