Gorges & Caves
It is a beautiful gorge in Kissamos that starts from the village of Mesa Sirikari (at an altitude of 500 m and a distance of 50 km from Chania) on the Chania - Kalergiana Kissamou - Kalathenes - Sirikari route. It ends in Polyrrinia Kissamou (at an altitude of 400 m), six km distant from the town of Kissamos.
It is wooded with chestnut trees at the beginning, and then with plane trees, cardoons, wild olive trees, hollies, locusts, lentisks etc., and with aromatic herbs like the sage burning bush.
Half way you meet the source of "Gra Vrissi" which is full legends, some of which refer to the ‘demons' and ‘goblins' of the gorge. Its crossing requires 3 to 3,30 hours and is fairly easy. At the exit you will find the ruins of the famous ancient city of Polyrrinias.