Gorges & Caves

The Gorge of Diktamou (Katechori Stilos)

This gorge is well known as the gorge of Katechori or Stylos as well and it is one of the few gorges in Chania that does not have a north - south direction.
It is a very beautiful and verdant gorge, with many species of the Cretan flora and with a lot of steeps. Its crossing is easy, since it is situated near the city of Chania and is accessed from the village of Katechori in the Province of KeramiaThe Gorge of Diktamos (at an altitude of 300 m and a distance of 21 km from Chania). The passage takes three to four hours and ends in the village of Faraggi (meaning ‘gorge') (at an altitude of 40 m and a distance of 17 km from Chania), at a short distance from the Chania - Stylos main road.
The nearby village of Stylos is very picturesque, with affluent water sources running under gigantic plane trees, old churches and little taverns.