Gorges & Caves

The Sfakian Gorge

Probably the most interesting gorge in flora is the Sfakian Gorge or Lagko (it is famous as the Gorge of Bartholomew)
You can visit it in two ways:
a) From the Porolagko, situated southwards at a distance of 2 km from Chora Sfakion on the asphalt road to Chania. Up to the end of the gorge, the distance is 6,5 km and the walking on the watercourse is very smooth and lasts 3,5 hours including the return. At the end of the passage northwards, on a small elevation, there is an old sheepfold. You will also meet the little chapel of Apostle Paul that was built by the Sfakians in 1407.
b) From the village of Imbros in Sfakia, you walk for two hours before reaching the very beautiful cattlemen village called Kali Lakki that has been abandoned for years now. After walking for about half an hour from there, you meet the aforementioned chapel of Apostle Paul, and then walk on for another two hours before meeting the way out to the asphalt road.