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How many times have you dreamed about clear sand beaches and sunny islands surrounded by a light blue sea and with wonderful high trees just next the door of your bungalow? We can fairly say that such a depiction is pretty common and frequent in the dreams of most people, so no need to deny that such a paradise would be our forever unforgivable dream.

Greece and its small enchanting islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea can please all tourists with peaceful landscapes where olive trees grow up on the hills just upon the blue sea.

White buildings and houses where local fishers live add a special touch of serenity to the atmosphere on these islands. Like small treasures lost in a sunny, blue sea.


Jordan: one of the 7 world wonders

Not far from Greece we can find Jordan: one of the most incredible world wonders featuring Petra, the ancient civilization raised in a rock city. Jordan can offer you the breathless sightseeing of the Mediterranean sea just from the other side, a seascape where islands on the horizon lines look like small rocks between sky and earth.

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September 2014 is the month of Rome, but expect to see all the next 6 ones coming in the next months up to March 2015. The “seven world wonders” promotion is a special occasion to celebrate the recent revamp of the website and to offer all customers a unique experience in their life.

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