Seafood Dishes


1 kilo cuttlefish
1 kilo spinach
1 cup olive oil
2 onions or 5-6 spring onions
1 wine glass white wine
1 cup olives
Some dill or fennel, spearmint
Salt and pepper to taste


Clean the cuttlefish. Saute the onions with the olive oil and add the dill or fennel, as well as the spearmint and finally the chopped cuttlefish. Bring to a boil, extinguish with wine and add the olives. Let the cuttlefish boil and when nearly done add the finely chopped spinach, a little salt, a little pepper and 1-2 glasses water. Boil for 10 more minutes. If the olives are salty, soak in water for some time to remove excess salt.