Local Main Dishes



5-6 large tomatoes
2-3 eggplants
2-3 courgettes
2-3 peppers
2-3 potatoes
2 onions
Dill, parsley
1 cup olive oil
1/2 kilo rice
1 1/2 cups fresh cream or grated cheese


Hollow out the tomatoes, eggplants and courgettes and place their pulp in a bowl. Finely chop and add to the pulp the rice, salt, pepper, olive oil and finely chopped onion, dill and parsley and mix. Season the scooped tomatoes, courgettes, eggplants and peppers and stuff each with the mixture. Place the stuffed vegetables in a baking pan and top them with a tablespoon of fresh cream or just before you turn off the oven sprinkle them with a little grated cheese.