WinesCretans are very well aware of the health benefits from moderate wine consumption; it is part of their culture: good wine is a perfect accompaniment to every dinner but should be taken moderately. Consumption of wine is not a solitary practice; it goes hand in hand with social events, good company and comradeship.

Modern wine industries of Crete have exploited the traditional grape varieties and the centuries old accumulated knowledge of wine-making. The oldest wine-press found on Crete, in the village of Archanes, is 3500 years old. In this sector, also, tradition is in harmony with technological progress.

Cretan wine makers combine traditional ways with modern technology and marketing strategies. Qualified enologists experiment with succulent grape varieties to produces wines that are distinguished for their bouquet and taste that satisfy a wide range of consumer demands. The Cretan "appellation d'origine" ("designation of origin") wines constitute an invaluable heritage of traditional selections absolutely harmonized with the climatic conditions of the island. Let us not forget that viniculture is a 4000 year old practice on the island of Crete.

In Greek mythology, wine was the present of a great god, Dionysus, to the people. Dionysus is the god of wine-making and merry-making, life and friendship. According to mythology, Dionysus' favourite companion was Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, king of Crete. Dionysus . . . wine . .the Minoan civilization . . .nutrition as a way of life... these are concepts intricately woven in the fabric that constitutes our culture. Areas distinguished for their wine varieties: Archanes, Peza (province of Pediada), Dafnes, Monofatsi, Province of Siteia, Province of Kydonia and Kissamos.