Olive OilBy the end of 1950's, when American nutrition experts came to Crete to investigate the causes that were responsible for the longevity of Cretans, they could not believe their eyes! "My God, how much oil do you use!," exclaimed Dr. Ancel Keys, as he was looking at a plate of green salad virtually floating in olive oil. In fact, Dr. A. Keys' observation was subsequent to similar remarks/observations made centuries earlier by travellers from other regions of the world, who were also interested in scrutinizing the daily life and habits of Cretans.

Today it is believed that the secret for a long and healthy life lies in olive oil, the principal ingredient of Cretan diet. Past and present research conducted in the USA and Europe supports the view that olive oil not only shields the human heart from diseases, but also increases the good operation of other organs or protects the human organism from a long range of diseases. For one thing, it reduces cholesterol3; it has excellent antioxidant properties and wards off all forms of cancer; in addition, it supports the operation of liver and is ideal for those people suffering from diabetes and other diseases!

The quality of Cretan and Aegean olive oil enjoys wide reputation all over the world. This is because it is not an industrial but a natural product received by crushing the olive fruit and is free from preservatives and chemical additives. It is pure, light and tasteful; in short, it is the best olive oil in the world. The olive trees are cultivated with love and care, with due respect for tradition, while the juice is packaged pure by small packaging units that respect themselves and their consumers.

Try pure olive oil instead of butter in your breakfast ... just dip country hard-bread, or a slice of whole-kernel bread in it! You may find this an excellent and tasteful alternative to your normal breakfast. Olive oil can be flavoured by mixing it in the bottle with a combination of herbs or those of your choice.