1. Near Nea Chora, 2 Km from the centre of Chania
  2. Tableland of Omalos, 45 Km from the town of Chania. An enchanting flight from Kallergi in a northwest-west direction over the Samaria Gorge and the Gigilos
  3. Fallasarna, over the ancient town in a west direction
  4. Tableland of Askifou
  5. A unique flight over the lake of Kournas in a northeast- east direction
  6. Over Varipetro with view of the Lefka Ori and the lake of Agia
  7. Elafonissi, in a south direction with a view of Elafonissi and the Libyan Sea
  8. Over Paleochora, in a south direction with a view of the Libyan Sea.